Here is how you should recharge our smartphones, according to researchers

Yes, we know, our smartphone batteries only last a day, but it’s partly our fault my fault because, according to the researchers, I loaded wrong all this time.

Many of us have an ingrained notion that charging smartphones in half our children will cause long-term damage to their batteries and that it is better to upload them when they are near death.

It seems that is wrong.

In fact, a website of the company Cadex called “Battery University,” detailing how and why our batteries of smartphones are susceptible to “their own versions of stress.” And just like humans, stress can damage extending the life of the battery in the long term.

If you want your smartphone to keep the battery in good condition and carefree work term, you need to change a few things. Again, this according to Battery University.

Do not keep your phone plugged in when it is fully charged

According to the website that tells you when leaving the connected phone is fully charged, as you probably do overnight, can be a bad habit that can damage long-term battery.

Once the smartphone has reached 100%, it becomes “trickle charges” to be kept at 100%. This battery you in great distress in a state of high tension.

” When fully charged, remove the battery from its charging device. This is like relaxing the muscles after strenuous exercise. You too would be pretty miserable if you worked out nonstop for hours and hours. “

In fact, try not to upload up to 100%

At least then when you do not. According to “Battery University” Li-ion battery does not need to be fully charged, nor is it desirable to do so. “In FACT, it is better not to fully charge, Because of the high voltage battery stresses”

Connect your phone whenever you can

It seems that our batteries of smartphones are more resistant loading them occasionally throughout the day instead of connecting them to a session high load when they are empty.

Charging the phone battery when the battery loses 10 percent of it would be in the best case scenario, according to the site. Obviously, that is not practical for most people, so, connect your smartphone whenever you can. It is better you connect and disconnect several times a day.

Battery not only keeps your smartphone and works optimally for longer, but also keeps full throughout the day.

Keep cool phones

We know that smartphone batteries are sensitive to heat and Apple suggests that heat out some skeletons iPhone when you upload.

“If you notice that your device gets hot when you charge it, take it out of its case first. If you’re out in the hot sun, keep your phone covered. It’ll protect your battery’s health. “

DAHY6Y Detail of white iPhone 5 smartphone with charger attached

Apple unveils the secrets of the human element behind Apple Music

Apple Music is one of the largest services of streaming audio of the moment he trying to catch up with Spotify, a service old 9 years which has 2 times more subscribers and probably more monthly active users, that despite no one knows the exact figures ultimately items.


Although Apple Music just turned a year, according to Apple, the service has 3 times more playlists than Spotify, ie 14,000 compared to 4500, and that given that Apple has an extremely high number of employees that create these playlists, being heard by millions of people on the planet.

According to recent studies, approximately 20% of music played in streaming audio is based playlists, and this says a lot about how people listen to music from their mobile devices or computers, so Apple had to pay attention this particular aspect.

All the signs point to being the dominant mode of playlists in the discovery of near future. When it Comes to trying to find Something exciting and new, more people is going to Want to go to trusted playlists.

According to Cupertino, about 12 employees deal with create playlists for Apple Music, other independent collaborators the most likely use for this purpose, but Apple employees always have the latter cuvand the publication of each playlist individually.

Moreover, Apple employees are advised to choose the playlists, artists and favorite songs to make them men recommendations for content that probably would not have chosen believing that will not like, but which I am very pleased strategy is to always offer something new for subscribers.

Apple Music’s editorial team, which includes around a dozen full-time lead curators with designated genre expertise, is headed by Scott Plagenhoef, a former editor-in-chief of the indie-music bible, Pitchfork, and shares some of that site’s unapologetically elitist sensibilities. Curators are encouraged to elect favorite artists and songs for prominent placement across the service — including on playlists, most corners of the new music homepage, and the live, DJ-hosted Beats 1 radio — in an approach that, with its elevation of strong instinct over consensus wisdom, also aligns with a famous edict of Apple’s founder Steve Jobs: “People don’t know what they want until you tell them.”

Football – the best applications about soccer

Football is the most popular sport on the planet, billions of people watching football related sports competition in more than 100 countries worldwide, generating sport and the most money for clubs and various companies.
Football Apps
For you fans always connected to the latest information about football players or sports competitions is a key issue in App Store there are a multitude of applications dedicated to this sport, Apple grouping them in a special section.

Football is the name of this section available in the App Store, Apple grouping there all applications into 3 sections: the applications most popular football teams on the planet, applications of the largest media companies sport and the best football games for iPhone and iPad.

Given that a few weeks Apple puts employees manually choose applications from every section of the App Store, you can be sure that whatever applications you will see listed in this section, any discharge will be made by the right one.

A man requires 10 billion dollars to Apple, here’s why accuses

A man from Florida, USA, acted Apple sued asking him damages of at least $ 10 billion for alleged infringement of a patent was registered in 1992 and describing, according to the complainant exactly iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch sites launched by people at Apple.

The man says he made three representations of the electronic device which he says resembles the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch sites Apple, all features described by not having any correspondence in any product launched by that time, Apple launched its devices 15 years later.

Although American has filed patent Office for Patents and Trademarks US in 1992, it was considered abandoned in 1995 because they were not paid taxes for it to be examined and recorded, so basically created a man was not ever protected by any patent.

7 years after launching the iPhone, the man in Florida has submitted an application to protect the copyright of his drawings, and now requires Apple to pay them at least 10 billion dollars for copying his idea + 1.5% of revenues recorded globally in the sale of these products.

What Ross contemplated, Could That WAS the device allow one to read stories, novels, news articles, as well as look at pictures, watch video presentations, movies or Even, on a flat-screen touch That WAS back-lit.
Further Imagined That He Could it includes communication functions, Such as a phone and a modem, input / output capability, so as to allow the user to write notes, and capable of storing BE reading and writing material utilizing internal and external storage media.
Also Imagined That He Would the devices have batteries making and even BE equipped with solar panels.
In 1992 the man from Florida described a largely a modern smartphone, it has solar panels to generate only energy, but in the 15 years since then have appeared multiple smartphones that copy certain positions, Apple just gathering them up in a better product.

Of course the American chances of winning are infinitesimal against Apple, but that does not stop him from trying to convince the judges that he is right and that we should be given compensation for damages.

Bring the Classic Look of task switcher with ClassicSwitcher Cydia tweak

For people who’d like to change to some classic, iOS 6-design switcher with icons appearing in the base, there’s a brand new tweak called ClassicSwitcher.

ClassicSwitcher isn’t among the primary job-switcher-established tweaks but it undoubtedly is the initial tweak that puts the iOS 6-fashion back in operation. The iOS 9-design task switcher is great, undoubtedly, yet it will call for lots of cartoons and resources which can be occasionally for rapid uses on the board. ClassicSwitcher puts back the fast in fast multi-tasking.classicswitcherr

The manner ClassicSwitcher is installed on iOS 9 is astounding. It’s possible for you to open the classic task switcher by the typical house-button double tap activity or it is also possible to simply swipe in the base of the the display to show the switcher.

Using the settings, you could make ClassicSwitcher reveal you two or maybe more rows of icons. It’s possible for you to configure this to be a default behavior whenever more than four programs are running in the background. This prevents you from needing to swipe along to show more programs.

Therefore, ClassicSwitcher is packaged with minimal characteristics and tweaks and is an excellent tweak in the event you would rather the iOS 6-design switcher. Particularly when you run a classic iPhone with iOS 9s job switcher taking the cost from it.

Above all, ClassicSwitcher additionally comes with a kill all program switch to help you stop all programs immediately. The very best thing is you may have this switch enabled/disabled via the tweaks settings. As an afterthought, it is also possible to edit/tweak the background/overlay for the program switcher (Black, white or none).

Cost: $0.99

Repo: BigBoss

Alkaline Cydia Tweak iOS 9

Modding your iPhone/iPad is among the primary delights involved in jailbreaking. The absolute number of themes, tweaks and mods on Cydia is really mindboggling. Right now, virtually every element of iOS 9 can be modded.

We covered Statusbar tweaks several days back. One tweak that we decided to be our favorite was Alkaline, a fantastic small tweak that altered the glyph for the battery icon. Turns out a programmer/designer, Andreas Larsen, created trendy new themes/icon pack to work with with Alkaline. And theyre cool-seeming.

While Bolus and Areas were created by the tweak programmer himself, Habesha was designed by Andreas Larsen: the same man that has released more trendy icon packs for Alkaline.
The brand new packs are readily available for downloading through his private repo.

Now tap Edit after which Add and type the URL. Eventually, tap on Add Source).

When you add the repo, you need to head back to Cydia ? Sources and spigot in the repo to open it. You need to locate a whole lot of icon packs. We got selfish and downloaded all of it. Theyre extremely cool.

Heres a summit at the way in which the battery icons look after being used.

Shift Statusbar Battery Icon in iOS 9 With this particular Icon Pack

On Reddit, there were opinions about why Alkaline has so many image files for the different battery degree indicators and when it may cause load in the backdrop. Ive been using Alkaline since it came out and that i find that it’s about no effect on the battery or the procedures. Reddit’s a trendy, safe tweak to make use of.

Download Cydia on iOS 8.4

With the release of TaiG v2.5.2 ,the jailbreak utility for iOS 8.4,most of the jailbreak community members used the app to jailbreak their devices.The app’s launch was not a perfect one,the users encountered some issues with their device after the jailbreak process.Most of the issues was later been fixed with the past updates,but they are still present.

There are some fixes available for those who encountered issues using TaiG jailbreak download. jailbreak-ios84

One of the biggest issues was the incompatibility issue between Cydia and iOS 8.3,the app developer TaiG did not check the beta version of the program.This caused the app to not work properly.

Another issue encountered by the users was the appearance of the Chinese App Store beside Cydia.The developer was found making a deal with the Chinese Store to bundle it with Cydia,on the premise that there was no pirate content.As a result of breaking the terms, a further update removed the store TaiG from the jailbreak.

Installing Cydia download using TaiG:

Here is a step by step guide for downloading TaiG iOS 8.3 and jailbreaking the iOS device

If you only want the Cydia icon on the screen,here’s the way to do it:

1.Open Safari on your device

2.Type in:

3.The mobile version of the site will open

4.Tap on the Up arrow at the bottom of the screen from any page on the site.

5.Several options will appear-Tap on Add to home screen

6.You need to give the app a name-Name it Cydia and the tap Add

7.Now you see Cydia icon on your Home Screen

Important:This adds the Cydia icon to the home screen,it’s not jailbreak.

About Cydia

Cydia is a replacer of the original OS,it was built 6 years ago by Saurik.It’s the best place for jailbreak tweaks,the market is older than App Store by several months.

The name of the market refers to Cydia-pomonella known as the Codling Moth.This is an worm that you found in apples.

Cydia iOS 8.4 compatibility:

Cydia is full compatible with all devices that Apple made and which use iOS 8.4 jailbreak as operating system.

  • iPhone 4S
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 5S
  • iPhone 5C
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPad 2
  • iPad 3
  • iPad 4
  • iPad Air
  • iPad Air 2
  • iPad Mini
  • iPad Mini 2
  • iPad Mini 3
  • iPod 5


In time ,the number of jailbreak developers grows and their apps being added to Cydia,makes Cydia the biggest unofficial App store and the most successful.During last weeks a number of iOS 8.3 specific apps appeared as well as updates to existing apps for support of iOS 8.2.

Saurik,the inventor of Cydia developed a Cydia like substrate for Android platform,giving other developers the chance to develop tweaks for their own platform.

iOS 8 Control Center Cydia Tweaks

Control Center is iOS 8 power station that could drive lots of things in your iPhone or iPad.

However, there are several limits that prevent Control Center from really being a strong element of the iOS ecosystem. Happily, with jailbreak tweaks approximately, theres no stopping users. Lots of tweaks have come up (and remain developed and uploaded) that allow you to customize the CC and allow it to be much more strong and useful.

Customize iOS 8 Control Center with one of these Wonderful Cydia Tweaks

1. CCControls

CCControls requires from FlipControlCenter and expands the functionality and customization to an entirely new amount. With CCControls, it is possible to not just determine just how many toggles should show up, but it is also possible to select a theme for the icons, disable specific toggles to be clickable from the Lockscreen, as well as in an exceedingly similar manner regarding the last tweak, select how many toggles observable on a page. CCControls is a free tweak accessible from the ModMyi repo.

2. FlipControlCenter

Its a simple tweak, an easy task to configure with not many choices in any way. Simply install the tweak and it is possible to enable/disable a couple of toggles in the control center. You can also control exactly how many toggles were observable in one set (paginated).

3. CCToggles/CCSettings

Although we havent attempted CCToggles (and its related addon CCSettings for adding more settings toggles to the list), we hear great things regarding the tweak. The preceding two tweaks ought to be fine for many parts but if, for whatever reason, they dont work for your liking, you’ll be able to try CCToggles. You will receive a simple pair of toggles to begin with which can grown with CCSettings. The tweak are available on BigBoss; its free.

4. CCClockOpentoAlarm

Can you utilize the clock/timer in the Control Center shortcut? CCClockOpentoAlarm is on the BigBoss repo free of charge.

5. ControlTask

ControlTask’s a trendy tweak: you’ll be able to swipe to the left for more programs or right to show the first toggles. Swiping farther to the right will kill most of the programs. Rather nifty tool. ControlTask is a free tweak to the BigBoss repo.

6. CC Deseparator

An easy tweak, 6’s only a aesthetic add-on (or instead, removal). Nothing else but only a layout thing. CC Deseparator is a free tweak to the BigBoss repo.

7. CCQuick

CCQuick is a mix of multi-task switcher, background program killer as well as several additional toggles/shortcuts in the Control Center. CCQuick really brings quite lots of helpful things to the table. With CCQuick, it is possible to not only kill programs but in addition, you get a virtual house button, a spinning-lock shortcut etc. Everything incorporates using the shortcuts section of the Control Center.

8. CCHide

If you believe some segments of the Control Center must be concealed or invisible, CCHide will allow you try this. Ios’s a straightforward standalone tweak which conceals sections of the Control Center based in your settings.

9. CCNowPlaying

CCNowPlaying is for active Tweeters who want to tweet the tune theyre listening to. The tweak adds an easy Twitter icon to the Control Center media managements. Nifty small tweak if you’re that individual who tweets with the #nowplaying hashtag. In addition, there are choices to configure the method by which the Tweet is composed (record, artist, song etc.). And you could decide to talk about the album art along with your Tweet also!

10. CCSystemStatus

CCSystemStatus shows system information right in the control center. Among the very critical advice which you get is RAM, the WiFi IP address, and additional details it is possible to toggle/tweak. Its on the BigBoss repo free of charge.

11. CCRespring

I believe it replaces any other respring tweak/action readily. Faucet as well as your iPhone will respring. (Respring is also an excellent method to clear some cache memory). The tweak is upward on BigBoss free of charge.

12. CCMeters

The iconography is awesome which makes one favor CCMeters over CCSystemStatus. (but CCSystemStatus has more choices to pick from). CCMeters comes with no tastes to decide what advice you see in the Control Center but it allows you to customize the design (bold font, white labels/white icons).

13. Polus

Polus is an ideal Control Center rapid launcher for iOS 7. There are a number of fast launchers which work in the lockscreen or from Spotlight Search but Polus might be the only, perfect execution of a fast launcher for Control Center. The tweak has plenty of customization choices. So much so you may also customize the icon / glyph for the shortcut which you decide. Polus can be obtained on BigBoss repo for $0.99.

LG G Flex vs. LG G2: The Curved Display Flexible Smartphone Or The Flagship? Is It Worth It?

The LG G Flex is now the newest LG smartphone on the market and perhaps one of the company’s most innovative. The LG G Flex is a supposedly indestructible, self-healing, 6-inch curved flexible screen smartphone. The unique device has some specs and features in common with the smaller LG G2 flagship, but it is also distinctly different in many areas.

LG G Flex vs. LG G2

LG G Flex is one of two curved smartphones that have come out of Korea over the last two months and even though there are only two curved smartphones right now, LG predicts the market for curved displays will grow to as much as $2.5 billion by 2018.

At 160.5 x 81.6 x 8.7mm, the G Flex, which features a 6-inch display, could be considered large even compared to the LG G2. The sides are flat near the top, providing a place to rest your fingertips.

Of course, they do curve inward toward the bottom. Since the G Flex arcs from top to bottom, however, it feels a little more awkward than it would if the phone were simply flat. LG tells us that the G Flex has an “optimized curvature” of 700mm, a decision the company came to after testing more than 300 designs, each with varying curves. In particular, LG believes this is the most comfortable fit for most human faces, although this unfortunately means it’s incredibly uncomfortable when you put it in your pants pocket, especially if you’re wearing tighter-fitting jeans.

The glossy back cover comes with a brushed-metal look and is a little slippery, but as odd as it sounds, we don’t mind it so much on the G Flex. The G Flex uses the same rear buttons as we’ve seen on the G2 near the top, but this time the power button doubles as an LED notification light.

There are a lot of smartphones out there now and you know this. Many companies are now parading out multiple top-drawer phones like Samsung’s Galaxy S and Note series, or the Xperia Z and Z Ultra from Sony. Even LG, whose new G2 flagship I’m poring over this time around, has both the G and G Pro to tempt buyers.

For the G2, LG’s decided to make a major change to the phone’s physical layout, it has buttons on the back. Three, to be more precise. LG reckons that as the size of smartphones has increased, at this point, the viability of buttons around the edges is now questionable.

There’s certainly a coolness factor when playing with a curved phone, but what benefit does it really add to your overall user experience? The phone’s flexibility protects the device from external forces. Its banana shape means the mic is closer to your mouth than it would be otherwise. Also, the curves allow for more sound to reflect off of other surfaces, so speaker volume gets a boost. LG’s also thrown in a flexible 3,500mAh battery.

We’re told that the G Flex couldn’t exist without being able to curve the battery which employs a stack-and-folding technique that’s designed to offer more stability and better performance.

Remove notification banner with one slide using Slide2 Dismiss

Right now there is no perfect gadget that’s why developers continue to develop or to add features that other devices already have. For example developers are starting to bring a lot of features from Android like toggles in Notification Center, FaceHalt similar to Smart Pause. And now there is a new tweak similar to an Android gesture, removing a notification you just simply by swiping and that’s it, the notification gets removed. Well with Slide2Dismiss you can remove also in your iDivise those annoying notification just by swiping them. Most users don’t find this annoying but haven’t you been in the situation when a notification appeared and you had to wait for it to disappear or when reading. Those notification banners can be a real mood killers so from my point I say this is a must.


I have seen people who prefer BannerSwipe, I do not have any preferences.

To use it you just simply swipe from left to right. From my point there is one downside to this tweak, there are people who are left handed so making a swipe from left to right is quite hard, so a swipe from right to left would be a good idea.

If you dig this tweak and you want it you can get it for free from the BigBoss.